TITCH Dragon
TITCH Parrot


Salty Sue & The Stolen Treasure Map

Climb aboard the Jammy Dodger for a swashbuckling adventure.

Join Captain Bob's pirate crew & help Salty Sue defeat the evil One-Eyed Wilma.

Solve the treasure map clues to find the hidden treasure.


Test your witchcraft and wizardry in this spellbinding show full of songs, dances and magical mishaps!

An ideal party for Halloween or for fans of a certain glasses-wearing boy wizard...

The Princess & The Dragon / The Knight & The Dragon

Will the Princess (or Knight) be able to defeat the fire breathing Dragon who's destroying the Kingdom of Babblelot?

With the help of you, her loyal subjects, anything is possible. Come on an adventure to a magical land with Dragons, Witches, Pixies & Trolls.

The Kingdom needs a hero. Are you ready to join the quest?

Superhero School

Join Wanda Woman in the fight to save Super School!

Will she be able to defeat Evil Edna Einstein or will Super School close for ever...?

Bring your best cape and super powers!

Roll Up! Roll Up!

The Big Top Circus is in town but there's a problem!

The show must go on, but how?

Join TITCH the clown on this crazy circus adventure and help save the day!

Make Your Own Performance

We can also provide custom-made shows that are tailored to your specific requirements. We work with your ideas and input to create a truly unique theatrical experience for your child/event.

Contact Naomi for further details.